Our cakes, cupcakes and cookies are hand crafted and individually made to order with a choice of delicious fillings and toppings! Made fresh and made gluten-free, grain free or vegan!    

Unlike human cakes packed with unhealthy sweets and preservatives, our cakes offer fresh organic options packed with fruits, vegetables or meat filling. We cater to both dogs and cats and are ideally suited for a taste your pet will drool over!    

Our recipes have been meticulously created and pet approved! We use all natural ingredients, and our bakery items are not flavor enhanced. We do not use any fillers such as corn, starch or animal by-products.    

How long will my cake last?    

3-5 days. Refrigeration required.    

What Ingredients do we use?    

We do not sacrifice on quality with our pet cakes. Our fresh made cakes and cookies are created locally from all natural and human-grade ingredients.    

How much cake and cookies should I feed my dog?    

Our cakes and cookies are meant to be served as a treat. It is not advised no matter the size of your pet to consume in one feeding. Small and bite size pieces are recommended. Too much celebration may cause upset tummies. Remember any sudden change to a pet's normal dietary routine can be difficult for dogs with sensitive stomachs.  Coloring may cause discoloration in stool.    

What's different about our cakes from other so-called pet pastry and bake shop cakes?    

We have spent over 10 years developing our recipes and our fur friends will bark us up! We are top in the pet industry in crafting specialty cakes and cookies for pets. Our developed frostings are very much unlike other pet stores and pet pastry shops offering a far from healthy gelatin glazes and yogurt chips full of sugar, which can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. Our company offers icing and frosting options designed specifically with your pets in mind. Safe and approved.